Camping too hard core? Ditch the clobber and try comfort with Glamping.
If camping seems a little like hard core then ditch all the clobber, free the some home space and head for comfort with glamping this year. You get all the benefits of the great outdoors without the hardship.
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Create camping memories without the clobber.

Easter’s coming early this year. Many flock to the beaches with a car full of camping clobber, which for the hardy amongst us works fine. But for many a cold hard ground wrapped in a bag doesn’t sound tempting, especially as there could still be the threat of a frost in early April. So if camping sounds a bit hard core how about trying glamping this year?

At the best of times Easter can be very unpredictable weather wise, so if you’d rather play safer with your precious time away, then take a punt on glamping. It offers you all the benefits of being outdoors without the hard work.

If you’re partial to a comfy bed with crisp fresh sheets to sink into at the end of a long hard day holidaying then you’re not alone. Whilst the promise of fresh air and a simpler life lures many into camping, it doesn’t appeal to all.  At our glamping site here in the Malvern hills we usually find opinions are split. One person will want the full camping experience whilst another wants comfort. But what if you could get both! Space and freedom with a taste of the outdoors.  Fires under stars but with a kitchen, sofas and wood-burner to retire to when the chilly nights set in.

luxury glamping bathroom

glamping luxury bedroom

Don’t  compromise family time or comfort.

A sense of freedom and lack of the usual everyday routines and simpler living drives many to want to offer their children a taste of camping.  Yet in our busy lives, the desire for less stuff with little space to store it – means all the gear that goes with camping can be a heavy load both to invest in, maintain and store for just a couple of weekends use a year!

At Upsticks we’ve had the pleasure to welcome people who have never camped before but loved the indoors outdoors experience. Being under canvas is special – so for our glamping we stuck with tents – but they are big, no crouching whilst getting your trousers on, or damp floors and walls. Nevertheless we recognise the importance of the big outdoors so it is important to be able to let the outside in by pulling back the walls and enjoying the view.

Recently I’v enjoyed some holiday stays of my own. One was a city hotel and the other a quaint little fishing cottage by the sea. Both lovely in their own way. But the thing I missed in both was the ability to get some outdoor space, somewhere for the dog to get outside and for me to breath in some fresh air, without having to ‘go out’

Wake up to spring

Daffodils waving their heads in the breeze, trees in bud, lambs in the fields and bunnies leaving chocolate eggs to discover are all part of a grand plan to getting us outside at Easter. Nature is starting to wake up and so are we. Suddenly there is more going on. Around here at Eastnor Castle you can join their right royal eggstravaganza, or  even abseil from the turrets. Visit Croome, to go behind one of the biggest walled gardens in England, or mooch around the giant flea market or go countrytastic at the the Three Counties showground Here on the farm we’ll be devising our own Easter challenge – but don’t let that stop you creating your own.  Oh and that is after a great nights sleep, because under the warmth of feather duvets with a good dose of fresh air in your lungs and the company of owls hooting outside you will wake up a whole new person.

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